Dr Akima Umezawa, Japanese Consul-General in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, receiving the first edition of Khaleej Times from Galadari Brothers

Japan will have one of the biggest pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai and highlight best practices in sustainability, Dr Akima Umezawa, Consul-General of Japan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, has said.

“The keyword at the Japanese pavilion is ‘future’. Our traditional hospitality, using advanced technology and our environment – that will be our core,” said Dr Umezawa during a visit to the Khaleej Times office on Monday.

Revealing what visitors can expect at the pavilion, the Consul-General said they will get the chance to taste traditional delicacies. A separate pavilion in front of the main one will offer sushi.The pavilion aims to strengthen Japan’s voice in the global community; develop and promote its industry; increase inbound tourism; add to the legacy of the Expo and empower the next generation with greater opportunities to realise their full potential.

Dr Akima Umezawa, Consul-General of Japan in Dubai and the Northern Emirates, said his country can take a leaf out of the UAE example to address the need for a young, working population.

“We are also looking at expanding immigration policies in Japan. The government has amended immigration laws … This is phase one of the expansion. We are studying the success stories of other countries like the UAE in this regard,” he said. “In the UAE, 90 percent of the residents are expats and the country is successful. We have to implement the UAE’s success story in Japan as well.”

Mar 4,2020