Galadari Brothers initiates digital transformation to deliver superior workplace experience to 6,000+ employees

Galadari Brothers, has selected Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) cloud to transform its employee experience and prepare for the next generation of the workforce.

With over 30 global brands in its portfolio and more than 6,000 employees, Galadari Brothers was looking for an integrated recruitment platform to accelerate the hiring process and improve talent acquisition. With the Oracle HCM Cloud, Galadari Brothers will be able to create an integrated recruitment platform to help attract and retain the best talent. The implementation will also help integrate key functions including core HR, talent management, payroll, time-tracking and work life solutions to provide real-time visibility into HR performance.

“At Galadari Brothers, we have embarked on a major cloud business transformation to create a more customer-focused and data-led organisation that is equipped to deliver personalised experiences,” said Mohamed Yahya Kazi Meeran, Group CEO, Galadari Brothers.

“Part of this transformation involved reimagining human resources to help us to better attract and retain the best talent. Oracle HCM Cloud will help us create an automated HR platform to introduce several self-service features that will free up employees from mundane jobs and create opportunities for employees to deliver more strategic tasks,” he added.

“New technologies, both in the workplace and in our personal lives, are drastically changing employee expectations. The next generation workforce is used to using emerging technology like AI and digital assistants in their everyday lives, and they want that same experience in the workplace as well,” said Rahul Misra, Vice-President – business applications, Lower Gulf, Oracle.

“As a result, HR professionals and business leaders are adapting to these digital-first mindsets and create an improved workplace experience that will both attract and retain top talent. With Oracle HCM Cloud’s built-in AI capabilities and customer-first approach, Galadari Brothers will be able to make work more human and succeed in this new normal,” the vice-president pointed out.

According to Manish Bindra, Group CIO, Galadari Brothers, successful organisations are those that are customer-centric, for which, being employee-centric is a pre-requisite. “We believe that Oracle HCM cloud, built with AI-first approach, will not only contribute in keeping the employees engaged but also empower them and foster collaboration and innovation. With this implementation, we are building a platform where both ‘digital workers’ and ‘human employees’ will work together to achieve our organisational objectives.”

Echoing Galadari Brothers’ efforts towards adopting an integrated hiring platform, Manoj Kumar, Group CHRO at Galadari Brothers, said: “To me, digitalisation equals productivity. A digital mindset is imperative for HR transformation, that coupled with the right technology not only improves processes and increases efficiency but also enhances scalability and infuses agility in the system, and most importantly is gives HR teams the bandwidth to do the jobs they are meant to do.”

Meanwhile, Galadari Brothers is also implementing Oracle customer experience (CX) Cloud Application to drive robust customer engagement, streamline its sales efforts with artificial intelligence-enabled applications, and enhance productivity with voice-activated mobile interfaces.

This article was originally reported on

Feb 13,2020